Announcing the release of “The Passion You Crave: 5 Relationship Keys That Love Needs To Thrive” by Nate Fowler

C.O.L.D. Press would like to announce the release of the second book in the Power Your Relationship series by Nate Fowler titled “The Passion You Crave: 5 Relationship Keys That Love Needs To Thrive” available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats on September 13, 2016.

Following the book on beginning your relationship, The Language of Passion: 5 Principles To Build Lasting Love, Relationship and Intimacy Coach Nate Fowler explores how exciting long-term relationships grow and keep thriving for decades, why relationships fail, how sex, money, and power change relationships (and what to do about it), and most importantly, how to feel satisfied with your craving for passion in your own relationship. With thrilling praise already being received from previews, this book contains groundbreaking ideas that have already changed peoples lives.

For the first time in Power Dynamics history, this book contains the 5 Keys Fulfilled quiz so you can find the gaps causing friction in your relationship and discover how to fill them easily with the 5 Relationship Keys. You’ll also discover the Power Dynamics Love Ladder, which is the driving force behind long-lasting, happy, and passionate relationships. This advance in Power Dynamics allows for anyone to begin to see how you can start building your foundation for success in your relationships in a few easy steps. Share your discoveries with the hashtag #passionate, and find out what other singles and couples are doing around you. Based on over 9 years of sociological research and studies, these proven techniques and understandings have been used in one of the most successful relationship counseling centers in the world, the Sigil Social Foundation.

Nate Fowler, MNLP, MHt, TT, PDP, RIC, is an international author and speaker who has devoted his life to helping people find their direction and giving them new hope, power, and understanding with the techniques he has developed with his sociological research. He is certified as a Master Practitioner and Trainer’s Trainer of NLP, Success Coach, Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy, and T.I.M.E. Techniques™, among many other certifications. His specialty training as a Relationship and Intimacy Coach has led him to develop Power Dynamics™, a groundbreaking sociological system. He is also headlining the “Power Your Relationship” workshop, a couples and singles retreat in Temecula.

Founding the Sigil Social Foundation, a behavioral health counseling center with a very specialized program that helps domestic violence and human trafficking survivors, in 2012 was one of the highlights of Nate’s career. Sigil creates a path for domestic abuse families to escape and recover in a way that has never been done before, with the highest rates of recovery in the world. Because of the revolutionary techniques behind this powerful institution, Nate has been asked by personal growth groups to speak about overcoming grief, building happy and successful relationships, and finding the right path in life. With thousands of hours in personal training and breakthrough sessions with hundreds of clients, Nate has a vast amount of therapeutic experience.

Find out more about the Sigil Social Foundation at and more about Nate Fowler’s practice at Bookings and appointments for Nate Fowler can be made by calling 951-290-2997.

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